Mon-Star Giant Shoebox Storage/Organizer

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If you are a Space Jam fan then the you totally recognize the collage of characters meshed all together to create arguably the most well known number in basketball, the number 23.  This shoebox displays most of its spice on the top of the shoebox in which the graphic is laminated, and protected by a sheet of acrylic, which by the way, makes the top POP! 

When the top is opened, we can display any name on the inside lid to celebrate the lucky new owner of this super cool gift (hint hint) yes you should totally buy this as a gift for someone......Anyone!  Seriously, when this shoebox shows up in your drive way, the receiver's mouth is going to drop.  Do not put your space jam's in any other box EXCEPT this one....You Will Thank Us Later.      

 Small Box - 32x20x22 Holds 8-10 pairs