The Red Bottom Giant Shoebox Storage

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Fashion, artistry, creativity, and luxury.  These are the elements that inspired this giant shoebox design.  Inspired by the Iconic Louboutin Brand, we wanted to make something for the die hard fans of this well established designer. 

The red inside of this shoebox was absolutely inspired by the infamous "Red Bottom" soles which made the Louboutin Brand stand out and become the premier designer shoe brand, worn by A list celebrities around the world.  We also added a mirror on the inside lid, which is very rare with most shoebox designs. 

We wanted to include the mirror because when you take out a pair of Red Bottoms, place them on your feet, you deserve to have your mirror right there in front of you to admire these beautiful works of art on your feet.  

It's only right to keep your Red Bottoms inside of a custom made, hand crafted shoe organizer that was built especially with your favorite designer in mind. 

Order yours today.  As many as you need!!

  • Small Box - 32x20x22 Holds 8-10 pairs